Recruiting Succession Planning


We help our clients find the right senior talent to fill leadership and specialty roles. Our decades in the accounting and advisory professions have allowed us to develop an extensive network in the industry. Whether you are looking for practice partners in the accounting or tax areas, related specialties such as private client expertise or advisory talent in areas such as business processes, technology, investment banking or corporate finance, we can fill your needs.

We carefully screen candidates to assure that they match the skill set that you need and “fit” your firm’s culture. We take the time to understand your specific needs as well as the environment in which the candidate will work – including looking at personality sensitivities. We are experts in personality assessments and in behavioral interviewing and use this expertise to get it right.

We often sit in on initial interviews to observe the chemistry and understand any issues that need to be addressed. This “real-time” lens enables us to address issues quickly and to ensure that, where a candidate is not right for you, we learn together how to get it right the next time.

As our client, you have our assurance that we will never recruit talent away from your firm. If a competitor identifies an individual at your firm they wish to pursue, we will decline the engagement unless we contact you in advance and get your permission to talk to the individual. In our experience, clients sometime say yes to this request as a way to exit an individual who is not fitting well with the organization.

Succession Planning

In addition to recruiting, we assist clients with succession planning. We bring a tried-and-true process to this work looking at existing talent and external needs. We begin with a review of high potential talent within your firm based on observations of practice leadership and a template that we ask you to complete that rates these individuals against key performance indicators for future leaders. Based on this information, we work with you to develop a succession plan that includes individual development plans, expected timeframes and external candidate needs. Then, we can help you with development of internal candidates and recruiting external candidates.

As part of succession planning, we offer leadership development programs where we use workshops to teach soft skills to aspiring leaders. In addition, we deliver executive coaching to high potential future leaders who can quickly enhance their soft skill competencies through a targeted six-month executive coaching program.